Justice Anton Scalia once said, “The right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children is among the ‘unalienable rights’ with which the Declaration of Independence proclaims all men … are endowed by their creator.” 

In reality, we know that statement comes with certain qualifications. 

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is an agency that is required and authorized by law to investigate allegations of abuse, abandonment or neglect.

Should DCF come knocking on your door - do not panic!  It is important to immediately contact an attorney so that you can ensure that the department is following proper procedures.  You also want to ensure that you do not accidentally say something that may incriminate you.  In other words, do not offer voluntary information.  While a parent's refusal to cooperate might put DCF on edge, it’s important to have your attorney there to walk you through the stressful process. 

Keep in mind that it is important to keep in constant contact with your attorney so that you may be actively involved in your defense.

Whether you are a parent who is being investigated, a parent who is offered voluntary services, or a grandparent looking to gain custodial rights, Law Offices of Ashley Severance, PA, can assist you every step of the way.