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Collaborative law is a relatively new way to practice. Popular in Texas and California, Collaborative Law has found a home in Brevard County, Florida.

We all know that divorce is seldom easy. You are forced to make life-changing decisions at a time when you are emotionally vulnerable and drained.  The last thing you want or need is a costly battle over who gets the teapot.

The collaborative process is sensitive to the long lasting effects that divorce has on the children, often the silent victims in the divorcing process.  Law Offices of Ashley Severance PA strongly advocates that divorcing parents attempt to put their children first and reach an agreement through negotiation instead of resorting to confrontation and intimidation.

The collaborative process is for couples who want a civilized, respectful end to their marriage for the sake of all family members. If the following things are important to you, Collaborative Law could be the best process for you:

ˇ You have control of your own divorce process and outcome.

ˇ You seek a civil, respectful, creative and individual process for ending your marriage.

ˇ You recognize the importance of future relationships - even after divorce.

ˇ You believe it is important to protect children from the harm litigation can inflict.

ˇ You place a high value on personal responsibility for handling conflict with integrity.

Remember- Yes, a Judge can decide for you.  But, you know your family dynamic better than anyone.  You are best equipped to decide what is better for you and your  children.

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